Demonbirb' Stryx comm

Status: open

I love doing soft and simple design, but I'd open up for anything you have in mind!
The price is also in this tab ^^

Before ordering, please be sure to check my status if my design Comm still open or not.

ToS and list of my uncomfortable/won't do marking.

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Design Example

Please noted that my design Comm don't have set price, so it'll be donate start at $15!
Unless it was abino or 4(or lower) very simple marks it'll be start at $10
Also, please be sure to read my ToS to see which marking I feel uncomfortable to do!

Order Form

I'll ask to see your geno first, and once I've acepted, please fill out this form!

Username: (DA or Discord username)
Theme/Ideas: (let me know if you have any idea in mind or anything in particular)
Background: (optional. link wanted bg here)

(please remove parentheses)

Terms Of Service

  • Payment through Paypal(USD only) and will be sent after I accept your Comm.

  • I may feel uncomfortable doing some design, please understand if I decline to do it;;;

  • Upon designing your geno, I'll sent the sketch design to you to hear if you want any change/edit.

  • On some occasion, if my design got corection just let me know and I'll fix it!

  • Once the design is yours, you can change it as you like but must credit me for original design.

Uncomfortable Marking

  • Fullbody Cloud (ex. x,x,x)

  • Marble

  • Ripple

  • Detailed Runemarks

  • Geode

  • Galyx

  • Void

Uncomfortable Mutations

  • Custom Breath Abilities

  • Custom Rack

  • Custom Aliala

  • Scutes

  • Moth

  • Quarry